Weight Loss Progress

I get lots of people asking me, "what's your secret" and you know what, there is no secret, the answer is right in front of everyones faces! Hard work and dedication, and actually wanting to succeed.  I changed the way I thought about food and never looked at it as a 'diet' because it isn't it is a complete lifestyle change, and that is the way you have to look at it. different things work for different people but the one thing that you need is determination, that is the key.

Most recent photos
My old board shorts...

Either way we start my journey at 24 stone

Then i started to train and eat right and soon started to lose weight! 
I painted the warrior martial arts logo onto the wall down the club, this photo taken around 4 weeks into training.

After I lost 1 stone

 After 2 months of training, 
5 months in

6 stone down

Above 24 Stone
Below 16 Stone
Hurray for no double chins! 

upto now i have lost 8stone (105kgs)  

if you too have a story, please feel free to contact and share it with me!