Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Big Girl BJJ Problems

These are just some of my problems with being a 100kg BJJ Partitioner !

1. Having to wear mens Gis instead of womens… 

2. because of this, the thighs on the pants never fit right, and you are unable to retain any type of guard because you can’t move your legs with enough freedom..

3.Because of this I have to wear odd gi pants and jacket.. and that plays on my OCD! 

4. Constant worry of your rash guard or compression shorts slipping up to show of your mid rift or excessive thigh (no gi) and by excessive thigh I mean anything above the knee! 

5. Worrying incase you accidentally land to hard on your rolling partner and crush them..

6. Then not using your weight correctly in rolls because you are worried of hurting them or ‘just sitting’ on them.

7 . Having random bits of odd length hair growing at the side of your head, that are always in the way, where someone has ripped part of your hair out and its just started to grow back..

8.  Hair.. just hair.. I mean someone kneels on it, you try to move in an explosive manner and you practically give yourself whiplash 

9. Contemplating on cutting you hair short but because I’m big and have tattoos and covered in bruises all the time you look like a prison bulldyke… 

10. When talking to guys that don't train and them saying "I bet you could kick my arse" or "I won’t mess with you the" … yeah.. because I go around beating up people all the time...

11. Guys rolling with you but they have the “I can’t lose to a girl” mentality, and then go all ape on you. 

12. Not being able to wear some pretty, girly rash guards because they don’t make them in your size.

13. Some competitions not caring at all about female fighters and just do a Under 67kgs over 67kgs… or something like that, then you end up fighting someone who is 68kgs and then all their team members say ‘damn she’s huge’ when you are around 2 meters away, and then say ‘ she’s just gonna squash her’ like you are some sort of monster … thanks guys…

14. When new guys feel the need to make inappropriate comments when in your guard.. 

15. Having to keep your legs shaved ALL THE TIME! 

16. When rolling backwards and running the risk of choking yourself out with your own boobs.. 

17. Not meaning to but smothering your partners with your boobs… Boob Choke!

18. Did i mention your ass looks horrid in gi pants, because they are mens gi pants and womens don’t fit your thighs!! gharr!

19. Some guys smashing you because “your not dainty, you can take it”  “ yes i may not be small, my good sir but you did just in fact place your elbow on my buzzum, and that hurts bro!, just because you aint got boobs!” but suppose that goes hand in hand when i knee them in the ‘gonads’ …

20. Ok ok... I'll end it with this one, constantly having little gi/ burns on your neck and face and they look like hickys…it makes you look like a trollop! 

Ha! these are just some of my problems... can anyone relate or just me??? 

       Bear :D  


  1. Oh,dogs, yes! I'm 5'10" and 85Kg and I don't have a couple of your assets but I can so relate to 1, 5 and 6. I always look like a potato in a gi.

    7,8,and 9 yes yes yes! I leave so much hair on the dojo floor the sensei sweeps after every training session.

    11, yes indeed, but that's not just big girls like us. I think all girls get this.

    12 Yes indeed, not that I could afford them.

    13. I get "she looks like a man" instead.

    14 yes. Often.

    15. What is this 'shaving' of which you speak?

    16, 17 -- never had this problem.

    18 yes

    19 .. the fact that guys think that because you don't have a willy, it's okay to ram their knee there. No, guys. Just no.

    20. Yes. Facial gi burns are horrid.

    21. Why, yes. My gi does smell nice. That's because I wash it.

    Awesome blog post. Hear! hear!

  2. this is amazing and sums it up really well, i know exactly how u feel im 90kg and my god i would kill for a nice gi too, :)


  3. 1. When I first started AFAIK Women's sizes didn't exist & there were no gi companies based in the UK so your bought your gis off someone who brought some back from Brasil or ordered it from America for about £150 for a basic gi. No matter how many times I boil washed the things they were still too big and baggy and I'd lose my hand in my sleeve mid sparring lol
    7. Got asked once by a girl trying to be polite about the state of my hair who had 'cut my layers in' I've never had layers lol
    8. yep!
    10. Usually accompanied by Karate chop motions
    11. I usually get the two extremes a) treating you like a China Doll b) going ape sometimes including picking me up cause I'm small to slam me. Several of the china dolls will switch to apes once you submit them ;D hehe
    12. When they first started doing the girls sizes EVERYTHING was Pink I hate Pink!
    14. This should NEVER be happening speak to your instructor if it is
    15. Yep!
    16. YES! Glad it's not just me
    17. I think I mentally block this out so I don't notice!
    20. I don't get this any more maybe once you reach a certain age people don't assume they're hickies? I do get the domestic abuse pitying looks though, accompanied with evil looks if I happen to be in the presence of a male friend at the time haha
    21. When your breasts are super sensitive because of the time of your cycle which of course is the time your instructor decides to demonstrate side control pressure and you don't want to wimp out in front of the whole class

  4. "18. Did i mention your ass looks horrid in gi pants, because they are mens gi pants and womens don’t fit your thighs!! gharr!"

    Everyone looks horrible in Gi pants male / female. I'm 6ft 2 and look like I'm a child trying on my dads trousers when I put on my gi pants :)

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