Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Big Girl BJJ Problems

These are just some of my problems with being a 100kg BJJ Partitioner !

1. Having to wear mens Gis instead of womens… 

2. because of this, the thighs on the pants never fit right, and you are unable to retain any type of guard because you can’t move your legs with enough freedom..

3.Because of this I have to wear odd gi pants and jacket.. and that plays on my OCD! 

4. Constant worry of your rash guard or compression shorts slipping up to show of your mid rift or excessive thigh (no gi) and by excessive thigh I mean anything above the knee! 

5. Worrying incase you accidentally land to hard on your rolling partner and crush them..

6. Then not using your weight correctly in rolls because you are worried of hurting them or ‘just sitting’ on them.