Sunday, 24 November 2013

Beartown Radio Interview

Hey Guys

Recently I got invited onto Beartown Radio  on wednesday, to talk about my weight loss, motivation, food and lifestyle change.
Some people have asked if I i had a recording, Beckie kindly sent me a copy!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Kit Review - Jaco Convertible Equipment Bag V2.0

Hey guys,

Here is a bit of kit I recently purchased from its the Jaco Convertible Equipment bag. After using my old kit bag everyday for 9 months as you can imagine, a few things had broken on it, just wear and tear, but the strap had broken on it so I had to carry it awkwardly what put pressure on my shoulder (If you haven't read my full blog yet i damaged it some time back), and at a recent competition we had to park far away and carrying it was a trauma!

Monday, 18 November 2013

X Runner - Wild thing 8/9/13

As you may have seen, this year has been a massive burst of obstacle courses and runs.
About 7 months into my training at this point and fancied having ago at something similar, a friend of mine had done some and i thought might as well give it a go! I decided upon the X Runner.  The corse was 10k (just over 6ish miles) and still I am useless at running, but was hoping that the obstacles would break up the runs! 

Race for Life 5k 30th June 2013

Around 4 months into my training at Warrior, I went to the cinema and on the adverts I saw an advert for cancer research and the Race for Life event that they hold nationwide, I sat and thought, maybe I should do it. Now at that point my fitness had increased since I started but i couldn't run for toffee! 
When i got home I looked it up on the internet and saw they were doing one near me! winner. After looking into it I found out you could walk it if you wanted, but what was the fun in that, I wanted to see how far I had come and wanted to push myself, I was just about to post on Facebook asking if anyone would like to run it with me, but then i thought, NO! If nobody does it with me I will find an excuse not to do it! So right there and then I booked it.. I must have been mad! At that point i couldn't run to save my life, but now I had to. 

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Climbing Mount Snowdon

                                                       Mount Snowdon
Halfway up
 I have met some amazing people down at the club, but this guy, he is one in a million, his name is Mark and he is one of the most mental people I know, he is mental in a good way, but he is 40something and has more guts than most of the people I have ever met, he too has been bigger so knows what it's like, but after training  we got talking about hiking and climbing, I have always wanted to climb a mountain or rock climb, but because of my weight and lack of upper body strength I was useless.